View from Hill in Late Spring 1986
(Hokujo,Hakuba-mura,Kitaazumi-gun,Nagano prefecture)
 Throughout the post years,Mukai
has consistently used the tradit-
ional thatched roof farm houses
of Japan as the subject matter of
his paintings.
 Saddened at the loss of these
structures which were rapidly di-
sappering as a result of intence
economic development,Mukai trave-
led to all parts of the country
and depisted them with accurate
realism and vividness.
 In this manner,he has succeeded
in recording the beautiful natur-
al features of Japan.

 The Mukai Junkichi Annex is located in
the quiet residential area of Tsurumaki in
the Setagaya district where Mukai lived
with his family since 1933.
 The museum which is surrounded by trees
such as the oak,zalkova,reminiscent of the
Musashino area,is a peaceful resting place
for visitors,conveying Mukai's creative
spirit and an elegant atmosphere.
 The Mukai Junkichi Annex consists of Mu-
kai's housing and working quarters which
were built in 1962.
 A store house transported from Ichizaki
in Iwate Prefecture was further added to
the site in 1966.
 The museum organizes three exhibitions
every year which introduce different aspe-
cts of Mukai's works spanning 70 years.