Born in Kyoto.
 Studies at the Kyoto Municipal Arts
and Craft School.
 Studies the fundamentals of life dr-
awing at Kansai Art Academy.
 Earns his living as a newsboy.His
work is selected for the first time at
the sixth exhibition of Nika Society.
 Travels to Europe.Copies works at
the Louvre and studies techniques and
 Returns to Japan.Exhibits a work co-
mpleted in Europe at the seventeenth
exhibition of Nika Society.Receives a
1933 1966
 Establishes his studio in Tsurumaki,
Setagaya district,which becomes his
working quarters.
 Becomes a member of the Japanese-
Chinese Delegation and travels to Be-
ijing,Shanghai,and other areas in Ch-
1937 1974
 Produces documentary war fils as a
wartime correspondent for the army.
 Celebrates his sixtieth anniversary
as an artist.
1945 1982
 Establishes the Action Art Associat-
ion.Begins to produce the farm house
series which becomes his life work.
 Chosen as a honorary citizen of the
Setagaya district.
1959 1993
 Travels to Europe.Visits and sketch-
es various places in Europe.
 Opening of the Mukai Junkichi Annex
1961 1995
 Studio burns down.Loses valuable wo-
rks and material.
 Dies at his house from acture pneu-
monia.A farewell gathering is held at
the Mukai Junkichi Annex.
 Rebuilds his studio and adds housing
quarters.(The site of the Mukai Junki-
chi Annex.)